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Phantom Planet

HOLY FREAKING GOODNESS! My life is finally complete. I SAW PHANTOM PLANET LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME! THEY WERE FUCKING AMAZING! I was soooo close to them too. haha and no one around me really knew who Phantom Planet was so I was pretty much the only one jumping up and down and singing and screaming so much. I almost had a heart attack when they came out. Especially when ALEX GREENWALD came out! From what I remember, they played "Big Brat", "California", "First Things First", "Always on my Mind", "Know It All", "All Over Again", and some new song. They couldn't perform for too long because The Academy Is, Carlos Mencia, Mos Def, and some other people had to do their thing too. Also, the United States of Electronica played and they were pretty awesome, too.

I know, not the best pictures because these freaking tall people were standing right in front of me! Oh, I hate when that happens!
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