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How depressing

So guess what guys? I got a fucking 2.7 in my Art class. WTFH?! I'm so angry that I'm at a loss for words. My friend calls me last night asking what I got in the class and I'm like I dunno I haven't checked yet and I ask her what she got and she's like "a fucking 3.5! I'm so mad." and I was like oh shit. So that means that I won't get a 3.7, probably a 3.4. Around there? And so I go online and see a big fat ugly 2.7. I had to look almost three times to make sure I wasn't seeing things. But no, it was indeed a 2.7. And remember what I told you? If I could get a 3.7 in the class, I'm automatically in the program. So basically, a 2.7 is NOT good enough to get into the program, even if I applied for the program by taking the exam this summer. Even if I did get into the program by taking that exam, I can't be getting 2.7s in every class that's required for that major. I mean, it's going to be the same teachers. SO NOW I HAVE TO RETHINK MY WHOLE FUTURE because of one STUPID class! Do you know how upsetting that is? Not only does that affect my cumulative GPA, but it also affects what I major in which affects my fucking future. Also, when someone gives you a 2.7 in an ART class, that's like saying "you suck at what you do". It's one thing to get a 2.7 in a class like math or science where talent does not matter as much, but when someone gives you a 2.7 in an art class it's really hurtful. You know what I'm saying? And I've always been interested in graphic design since I was like in the 7th grade. I was sure it was something I would pursue as an adult, so when you get a slap in the face like that, you totally crumble inside. Your whole future is ruined. And it was something that I've always been complimented on. I even remember getting paid for helping someone make a website. Pretty much those 3 professors are saying "this is not something you should be doing as a profession". Anyways, I've lost my respect for graphic design because of them.

So now I'm thinking of majoring in Communications? Or English? Or Psychology? Not really things I've really loved or excelled in. Maybe I should be a real estate agent? I don't know.

I'm so confused. And still in utter shock.
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